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Oct 5, 2020

This week Simone and Sam discuss the release of the new Northern Power Women Levelling up report, focussing on the stories and initiatives it reveals.  You can read it here. (They also ask; “When was the last time you fully got dressed up for work?!”)

There is talk about the ever-changing regulations around lockdown and travel and a request not to judge, but to go about business in a way that suits you but doesn’t harm others and there is a reminder – we’re not all in the same boat.

Simone also reveals the results of the poll we conducted asking the question: Should you be obliged to tell your company if you’re dating anyone at work? What if that includes any company connected with your own? 

This week’s Life Lessons come from Ranjana Bell MBE

Tell us your stories of work and life or share your life lessons!

Presented by Simone Roche and Sam Walker