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Oct 12, 2020

This week Simone and Sam highlight the reason why dentists are so busy during this pandemic and look at how young people are particularly vulnerable to redundancy right now.

Also, on the subject of young people, Sam highlights a campaign started by a woman from Glasgow to try and ban all unpaid work shifts, which she believes are taking advantage of young people. Let us know your experiences and opinions about this.

Simone shares her experience of an online business festival, which led with the session “WTF just happened?!”  and urged us all to find the positives in this difficult time.

And unsolicited emails – how do YOU respond?  Especially when people get antsy?!

This week’s Life Lessons come from graphic designer Amy Littlefair

Tell us your stories of work and life or share your life lessons!

Presented by Simone Roche and Sam Walker