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Oct 4, 2021

Simone chats to Graham Lucas all about how important it is to recognise that work on inclusion is never done and though we may be further on than 3 years ago, there is still a way to go!

Michael Page won the Large Organisation Award at NPWAwards 2020 for their commitment to gender equality and inclusivity in the workplace whilst demonstrating a forward thinking approach to recruitment, development and retention of talent.

Listen to Learn

  • Why committing to tangible actions publicly & internally can make a difference
  • How encouraging shared responsibility can empower people to bring ideas to the table and keep momentum going
  • Why collaborating externally, listening to ideas and implementing them can enable a pay-it-forward culture
  • Why diversity of thought & the team is always better for innovation, decision-making and of course profits!

The NPWAwards 2022 nominations are open until 18th October and are free to nominate!

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