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Jul 12, 2021

Simone gives an update on the latest Be Heard  event in which Marnie Millard OBE shared her top tips on building confidence and stepping outside your comfort zone, the 30 minute event was recorded at UA92 in Manchester, you can catch up on the Be Heard You Tube channel .

Simone and Sam discuss an article about how the Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority  are speeding up the progress that’s being made in making the City of London more diverse and also a sneak preview of the forthcoming Power Up season of the NPW Podcast starting in 2 weeks! 

Life Lessons this week are from Ameena Ahmed, serial Chief Exec who has worked across 3 sectors.  Ameena has a passion about creating environments that encourage people to develop their greatest potential.  She talks about being a practicing Buddhist and to never stop growing. 

Presented by Simone Roche and Sam Walker 

Sponsored by Be Heard – register today!