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Jul 27, 2020

As major changes in the furlough scheme in the UK come in to force and mass redundancies are sadly anticipated, we let you know about the incredible Covid Changemakers launched by a brilliant Northern Power Woman, Alex Cousins.  A way to innovate and embrace a new way of working. Do find out more on our Power Platform.

Sam and Simone discuss reports from Unilever that they don’t expect their 2000 office-based workers in the UK to return to the office full time, ever!  Flexibility by companies and staff seems to be key as we move to a new way of working.

Sam and Simone also talk about how customer experience is going to be a key driver for companies to thrive in the future, as its reported that a worldwide recession has already started.

Plus: teenage dreams revived during covid as guitar sales explode!

This week’s extraordinary Life Lessons come from the unsinkable Laura Hepburn.

Tell us your stories of work and life or share your life lessons!

Presented by Simone Roche and Sam Walker